When we started our house cleaning business, it was our mission to provide the very best house-cleaning service in the Birmingham area. If the response from our clients is any indication, we have succeeded in that goal.

While our company is continuing to grow at a steady pace, we keep a good balance between personal and professional. We like to get to know our clients on a personal level; they’re not just another address or house to mark off the list.

Our business is housecleaning, but our product is our people. We are fortunate to have been blessed with great employees who take a sincere pride in looking after the regular housecleaning needs of our clients.

KleenHomes expects and maintains the highest standards in our employees, so only the best job candidates are handpicked to work on one of our teams.

Housecleaning services are as different as the people performing the work. Finding and keeping good help is a major challenge in our industry.

It’s not easy finding good people, but it’s our full-time job and it’s a job we do very well. We know how to find, screen, train, motivate and manage the kind of employees with whom our clients feel comfortable.

Our clients come to depend on us for our reliability, integrity, and for the consistent, high quality of our housecleaning service.