Why KleenHomes

Why KleenHomes

Nine Important Reasons why you should let us clean your home.

  1. You have better things to do with your time.

    Isn’t your time more valuable?

    “Time” is the one commodity most people just don’t seem to have enough of these days. For many upwardly mobile and dual income families today, the home we’ve worked so hard to obtain is a time consuming chore to maintain.

    We can give you more time to do those things you need to do, or would rather be doing, instead of spending endless hours on mundane housework.

  2. We do it your way!

    No two houses are exactly the same, even if identical in size and layout. We first visit your home to determine your specific needs. Together, we’ll determine how best we can meet your needs and expectations.

  3. Consistently thorough.

    Your customized quotation is transformed into an individualized “work order” for your assigned cleaning team. Your cleaning team leader signs off after ensuring that each item has been looked after before leaving your home.

  4. Responsible, bonded, insured and supervised personnel.

    Our house cleaning staff are screened, professionally trained, covered by workers compensation insurance and motivated by your satisfaction with their work.

    Our company is locally owned, operated, bonded and insured. Our workers are employees, not supervised, independent contractors.

  5. We bring our own equipment and cleaning supplies!

    You actually get to stop having to buy all the “stuff” that takes up room under the sink, in your laundry room, garage or wherever you store your cleaning supplies.

    We always bring our own cleaning products every time. Even the most conscientious and proficient house cleaner can’t perform any better than the quality of the equipment or cleaning products being used.

  6. We visit. We don’t move in!

    We will spend the necessary time and effort on our first cleaning visit to get rid of all the old dirt and grime that may have been accumulating for a long period of time. Think of it as a “spring cleaning.”

    However, because we work in teams and use efficient cleaning methods; when we come to clean we won’t be in your home (or your hair) all day.

  7. Flexible scheduling.

    We will work with you to develop a schedule to suit your individual needs:

    • Weekly
    • Biweekly
    • Monthly
    • Anytime You Need Us
  8. Great value! Affordable price!

    Screened, bonded, professionally trained employees. We supply all cleaning equipment, tools and supplies. Quality control procedures. All this and a guaranteed clean home at a competitive price.

  9. Satisfaction guaranteed!

    We pride ourselves on detailed and quality work. If your not 100% satisfied with a room, we will come back and reclean the area to satisfaction.